A Story of Hope

Mount Saint Vincent is a treatment center for children with severe behavioral and emotional challenges due to mental illness, trauma, abuse, or neglect.

Over the past 130 years, Mount Saint Vincent has transformed the lives of thousands of children. We provide them with a safe haven, individualized treatment, and education for the youth and their families.

Using the most advanced therapeutic techniques — including the groundbreaking Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics — our innovative programs help heal these special children.

Alternative therapies such as art, animal-assisted, dance/movement, and music, help us to gently uncover the trauma stories that young children often cannot verbalize.

With treatment, patience, and nurturing care, we help these children grow to lead full and productive lives within their communities.

Mount Saint Vincent. Changing young lives by providing help and hope, one child at a time.

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Historical Timeline


The Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Kansas open the doors of St. Vincent’s Orphan Asylum.


The John K. Mullen family donates 15 acres of land adjacent to the home, providing the Sisters with a farm and orchard.


The Mount Saint Vincent Mustangs win the highly coveted Denver Parochial Junior League football championship.


Sister Daniel Stefani is named the executive director of Mount Saint Vincent, a position she would hold for 27 years.


The agency becomes a treatment center for children with severe behavioral challenges due to abuse, neglect, or mental illness.


Pope John Paul II toured the grounds and visited with the children as part of his visit to Denver for World Youth Day.


A separate building for the school is constructed, with enough space to accommodate 70 students.


Mount Saint Vincent is awarded NMT Flagship status by The ChildTrauma Academy of Houston, Texas.

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