Supporting Little Aaron

When Aaron first arrived at Mount Saint Vincent, it was immediately apparent that years of chronic neglect had taken its toll on him. The shy six-year-old tested at the developmental level of an 18-month-old.

Like any toddler that age, he is intensely interested in exploring his environment. He walks around, touching different surfaces, and puts objects he finds into his mouth. The cottage and teaching staff must monitor him closely, gently redirecting him when his attention wanders.

It was a surprise, then, to see Aaron’s eyes light up when he saw the elaborate doll house in the Aspen Club House. He walked directly to the doll house, picked up two dolls, and began playing. He played quietly by himself for 20 minutes. That may not seem remarkable until one considers Aaron’s average attention span. That length of time is typically just 45 seconds.

“If you think about a child who is developmentally two years of age, and he’s trying to get to six, he needs to make up for that lost time,” Recreation Therapist Rob Johnson said. “Aaron is rapidly going through many stages of development here at Mount Saint Vincent. It’s nothing short of amazing to witness.”

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