Promoting a Strong, Trauma Informed System of Care

By Jim Uhernik, LPC,
Director of Business Development

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of hosting a trauma informed care training at Mount Saint Vincent for a group of 25 Denver CASA volunteers. It was a great opportunity to share with CASA how we use the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) to facilitate a comprehensive continuum of trauma treatment for children. As I was talking with the CASA volunteers, it made me think about the greater awareness in Colorado of trauma, and especially its effects on children.

For the last six years, I have been in a role that allows me to interact very directly with a diverse group of state and local leaders, advocates, and professionals in behavioral health, education, and child welfare. Now more than ever before, our conversations have centered on trauma informed care. Policies and practices, including the Colorado Title IV-E Waiver, have promoted the value of trauma-informed care, including trauma assessment and treatment that is matched specifically to the age of the child and the complexity of his or her trauma.

At Mount Saint Vincent, we are very excited to actively support efforts to promote a trauma-informed system of care. In addition to providing trauma-informed behavioral health and educational services to children, we have been very active in providing trauma-informed care training to school districts, child welfare agencies, early learning centers, foster care agencies and other organizations. Currently, we are working on an expanded menu of training options which we hope to publish on our website soon. For more information about our trauma informed system of care and the training and consultation Mount Saint Vincent provides, contact Kyle Bixenmann, Senior Workforce Training Specialist, at kbixenmann@msvhome.org.


Photo caption: Clinical Director Kirk Ward addresses a group of Denver CASA volunteers in a trauma-informed care training. 

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