V Is for Volunteer

Like many nonprofits, Mount Saint Vincent relies on volunteers to assist with numerous projects all around the agency. Every year, a small army of more than 1,000 people volunteer their time here. They host barbeques, pull weeds, repair bikes, wrap gifts, rake leaves, play with the children, and much more. We are deeply grateful for the thousands of hours of help they provide.

Among the dozens of amazing people, there are a handful who demonstrate steadfast commitment to Mount Saint Vincent. Week in and week out, year after year, their dedication to serve children in need deserves special recognition.

Every Monday and Tuesday that school is in session, Roger can be found in Room 6. He quietly identifies a student needing attention, and sits alongside that child throughout the day. “Roger’s ability to provide one-on-one time with students is absolutely invaluable,” said Special Education Teacher Myra Marcus. “He also claims to be the world’s best pencil-sharpener.”


Judy and Juanita

Juanita and Judy are the epitome of a tag team, stopping in on Wednesday mornings to assist in the development department. The J’s are up for whatever task is put before them, from organizing the children’s clothing closet to stuffing envelopes to wrapping gifts. “We basically do all the odd jobs that nobody else wants to do,” quipped Judy.

Diana organizes the 2,500 books in the school library and even finds time to update the seasonal selections rack every Wednesday. The school staff appreciates her work in organizing the teacher resource section. “She is one incredible woman,” said Educational Mental Health Worker II Patti Chrisco. “She works so hard and is always kind and helpful to the children and staff.”

Each Thursday evening, Linda and Don help the children in the Grays Peak cottage get ready for bed. They read bedtime stories, give back rubs, and spray “monster repellant” under beds as needed.



John volunteers nearly every weekday, arriving at 5:30 am to make coffee for the staff. He also helps Sister Roberta with a variety of tasks, including hanging up seasonal decorations around the main administration building for the children and staff to enjoy.

Former resident Ray is a man of many talents, and he loves to volunteer his services here. A master woodworker, Ray has refinished many of the antique stair railings, doors and windows. He also wields a fierce paintbrush.



Leslie loves to bake, and the children in the cottages are more than happy to consume the treats she creates for them. From brownies and cookies to mouthwatering cakes, every Tuesday and Thursday the smell of homemade baked goods comes wafting out of the kitchen. Yum!

These individuals are just a few of the hundreds of wonderful volunteers who help keep Mount Saint Vincent humming along. Together, the volunteers and Mount Saint Vincent are able to accomplish our common goal: to serve children facing the challenges of trauma, mental illness, abuse and neglect.

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