Christmas Wishes for Mount Saint Vincent

Thanks to our wonderful partners, 93.7 The Rock and Colorado Flat Fee Realty, radio listeners can help make this holiday season a little brighter for children in need.

Nearly all the children receiving services from Mount Saint Vincent have experienced some type of trauma, typically physical abuse, sexual abuse, or chronic neglect. For many of them, this will be the first year that they are celebrating a happy holiday.

Show one of our children that you care by purchasing a gift from their wish list. Just click on one of the links below to help make this a very special holiday for a deserving child. Or, click here to view the complete list.

Thank you for your support. It is deeply appreciated. Happy Holidays to one and all!


A case worker found 10-year-old Eric and his younger siblings living in an unheated home. His parents often disappeared for days at a time. Eric acted as caregiver, finding food for his sisters and making sure they were safe.

Like many children who suffer from the effects of neglect, Eric hoards food around his room. Mount Saint Vincent’s staff gently remind him that he no longer has to worry about where his next meal will come from. Eric likes creating elaborate structures out of Legos, he’s a whiz at board games, and he’s a LA Lakers fan.

Connect 4 game

Legos kit

Skip-it toy


Early in the school year, Staci’s teacher noticed that 8-year-old Staci came to school early each day. After school, Staci came up with all kinds of excuses not to go home.

One day, the teacher saw what looked like a bruise peeking out from under Staci’s shirt. After the rest of the children had gone, she asked Staci to pull up her sleeve. The little girl was covered in bruises, old and new.

Staci is safe at Mount Saint Vincent now, and patiently waiting for a foster family to take her into their home. Staci likes to paint her nails, read books about fairies, and swing on the playground.

Nail art kit

Coloring book

Art pencils


A retired neighbor first noticed Mark’s disheveled appearance.

The nine-year-old wore the same clothes over and over and he sometimes went to school wearing thin shirts with no jacket during the winter.

Mount Saint Vincent’s caring staff is patiently teaching Mark the life skills he needs, while allowing him to be a child—something he missed out on for the first nine years of his life.

Mark likes all kinds of sports and he’s a huge Denver Broncos fan.



Moon ball


Chris’s father often hit him. As a coping mechanism, the 11-year-old learned to quietly move through his home on tiptoe. Now, because of various physical and psychological reasons, Chris can no longer walk flat-footed. The therapists at Mount Saint Vincent are patiently working with Chris so he can stand and walk normally.

Chris likes to build oversized cars using K’NEX, loves pizza night, and favorite pastime is going “bug hunting.”

K’NEX kit

Insect-hunting kit

Blokus strategy game


Marissa’s neighbors often heard her crying in her home. Authorities sent to investigate found conditions in her house so unsafe that the little 7-year-old was immediately removed. Adria struggles with trust and relationship issues. At Mount Saint Vincent, Adria works with therapy dogs to help her learn how to trust again.

She loves to draw, color, and play dress-up. Her favorite movie is “Frozen” (of course).

Artist kit

Journal with lock

Dress-up outfit


Dewain was neglected by his birth parents. When the five-year-old first arrived, he was found to be at the developmental level of an 18-month-old.

Like a toddler, Dewain explores his environment by touching everything in sight and putting objects into his mouth. Staff must monitor him closely, gently redirecting him away from unsafe situations.

Play Doh

Batman action figure

Play tools


Ethan’s parents told him that he was worthless; now the 9-year-old believes he doesn’t deserve to live. His suicidal tendencies require 24/7 monitoring by Mount Saint Vincent’s staff.

Despite his significant emotional and behavioral challenges, Ethan is an excellent athlete who loves to run, ride his bike, and play sports with the staff.


Foam boomerang

Sports shoes


Jacob is an 11-year-old who was physically abused. He now lives with caring foster parents and is receiving in-home treatment.

This whip-smart kid is an excellent student who is always cracking jokes in class. His craftiness sometimes gets him into trouble.

Our school staff works hard to keep him challenged in in the classroom.

Brain-teaser puzzle

Snap Circuit kit

Science kit


Twelve-year-old Andrew is a big kid who was abused as a child. Although he is very likeable, he is often teased about his size and has difficulty making friends.

Mount Saint Vincent staff are helping him with his relational skills and he’s starting to come out of his shell. He likes traditional sports, but he’s really eager to try some newer “cooler” sports activities.

Backyard snowboard

Razor scooter



At the age of 11, Becca has been in 12 foster homes.

She purposely misbehaved to get out of foster home placements because she wants to return to her mom. But that’s not possible because her mother struggles with drug abuse and it’s not a safe environment for Becca. It’s a heartbreaking situation.

Now that she is feeling more secure at Mount Saint Vincent, Becca likes to play house, loves dressing up, and enjoys baking treats in her Easy-Bake oven.

Easy Bake Oven mixes

Nail polish

Jewelry kit


Angela, a cute little girl with curly hair and big brown eyes, was born with severe fetal alcohol syndrome. She’s now 9, but she suffers from significant developmental delays. Her mind races constantly and she finds it almost impossible to focus or concentrate in school.

Mount Saint Vincent staff discovered that Angela does well when playing with toys that can be used to build larger structures. It helps her focus on a specific task and she feels a great sense of accomplishment when she succeeds at completing a project.


Legos kit



Levi’s case worker said the physical abuse that the little 8-year-old suffered was one of the worse cases she had ever seen. Due to his severe trauma, Levi often cries and rocks himself back and forth.

To keep Levi grounded and feeling safe, Mount Saint Vincent’s therapists recommend a therapeutic tool like a weighted vest. A snug-fitting weighted vest provides soothing, calming comfort to children, similar to what an infant feels when swaddled snugly in a blanket. Levi is a quiet child who likes to play with Legos and read books.

Weighted vest

Spiderman action figure

Small play tent


Throughout his young life, 7-year-old Jonah witnessed his mom being abused by his dad. Because the abuse almost always happened at night, Jonah has problems sleeping. He’s afraid to shut his eyes and resists falling asleep.

To help ease his anxiety, Mount Saint Vincent staff who tuck Jonah into bed at night routinely spray “Monster repellant” under his bed. (Lavender scented water)

Jonah likes listening to music and studying astronomy.

Star projector night light

MP3 player

Lavender sleep pillow spray


Like many children who have been sexually abused, 10-year-old Nicole struggles with self-esteem. Because she doesn’t feel good about herself on the inside, Nicole reflects that same poor self-image on the outside. For example, she chooses to wear dirty clothes and doesn’t like to brush her hair.

As Mount Saint Vincent’s staff works with Nicole to reassure her that she did not deserve the abuse she suffered, it helps if Nicole dresses nicely to reflect her improved self-image. Nicole likes animals, jewelry and dolls.

Hair accessories kit

Jewelry kit

Baby Alive doll


Twelve-year-old Stephanie was abused, and as a result she feels anxious and scared most of the time.

Mount Saint Vincent’s staff is working with her to help her feel safe and secure. Therapeutic tools that help Stephanie include a body sock, which encases her entire body with the exception of her head, and calming music to help her with self-regulation.

Stephanie likes board games, magic tricks, and she collects Fingerlings.

Body sock

Magic trick set

Fingerlings Hugs toy


Ten-year-old Krista was often left alone with her younger siblings. As a result, she is interested in babysitting. Krista is always outside playing with younger children and she is a natural caregiver.

Mount Saint Vincent staff have noticed that she is a quiet little girl who likes writing poems, drawing horses, and all kinds of arts and crafts projects.

My Little Pony

LOL doll

Craft kit


Robbie grew up in an inner-city neighborhood where he witnessed a lot of crime. The activities he prefers are typically violent, such as violent video games and violent movies.

The staff at Mount Saint Vincent want to redirect 8-year-old Robbie away from these activities by providing him with healthy leisure alternatives, like fun outdoor games.


Sandbox toys

Remote-controlled car


Cassie is a happy and cheerful 8-year-old girl who makes friends easily. But because of her past abuse and neglect, she has significant cognitive delays and is just learning to read.

She struggles with fine-motor movements, so Mount Saint Vincent’s staff give her toys that don’t involve small or intricate pieces. Mega Bloks or Paw Patrol toys are more developmentally appropriate for Cassie.

Mega Bloks

Skye Paw Patrol

Play food


Colin is a shy six-year-old boy who suffered from severe neglect. His parents ignored him for much of his life.

When Colin arrived at Mount Saint Vincent, the staff soon realized that Colin had experienced very little outside of his home. He had never been to the zoo, to a museum, or any sporting event in his life.

Now, when the children go on outings, Colin is about as excited as a child could be. He loves exploring new places.

Denver Museum tickets

Denver Zoo tickets

Children’s Museum tickets

Therapy tools
Suitable for all ages

Mount Saint Vincent provides clinical treatment and foster care services for children who have been abused or neglected or are in need of a safe home.

They use therapies such as dance/ movement, animal-assisted, music, and art to help children express their thoughts and feelings. Trauma stories are often too scary for frightened children to say aloud. Below are some therapeutic tools and toys that can help these young children heal.

Kinetic sand

Sensory toys

Weighted lap blanket

Thank you for your support!