Day Treatment Program

The day treatment program at Mount Saint Vincent serves children 5 to 12, primarily in the Denver Metro area. All children enrolled in the day treatment program receive individual therapy, family therapy, and group therapy in accordance with their therapeutic needs.

Children in day treatment receive creative arts therapy (art, movement, and music) as well as recreation and when appropriate, specialty therapies (EMDR and animal-assisted). The day treatment program also provides psychiatric services and consultation for each child in the program. Children in day treatment are enrolled in our Sister Daniel Stefani on-grounds school where they are taught by trained special education teachers.Day treatment program

The school is licensed by AdvancED, and considers academic and developmental levels when providing services for the children. Each child is served breakfast before school.

The goals of day treatment are to provide quality therapeutic services for children who have significant trauma, neglect, and/or mental health issues. Mount Saint Vincent strives to work with children, parents, and/or referral sources to empower them to be successful in the least restrictive setting possible.

Day treatment provides a therapeutic milieu that is designed to move children towards emotional health and eventually be successful in a public school setting. Upon discharge, Mount Saint Vincent may provide in-home care if appropriate.

We offer services year round. To see if a child in your care would benefit from our day treatment program, call our intake supervisor at 303-318-1758.

“There are many services that Mount Saint Vincent offers compared to other facilities. Their way of doing things just seems like the right way of doing things. They are extremely focused on helping the kids. They are very quick about getting back to me with any questions. They don’t give up.”  — Parent of a child in Day Treatment