Overcoming Fears at Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center

Last weekend, the children in our residential treatment program were treated to something extra special. They stayed overnight at the Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center and were able to do something every child should have the opportunity to enjoy—go to camp.

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center, however, is no ordinary camp. Their mission is to expand the potential of people of all abilities through meaningful, educational, and inspiring outdoor experiences, with a specialized focus on serving those with different abilities and special needs. Thanks to their program, our children were able to go up a high ropes course, stay in a rustic cabin, catch a fish, eat s’mores, and climb a massive rock wall. Whether it was participating in group activities, encouraging others, or conquering their fears, each child pushed themselves in a different way.



One of the children, Martin, had a particularly memorable accomplishment on the rock wall. He started to climb, but after he got about five feet off the ground, he said he was done. When the staff at Breckenridge refused to let him quit, Martin found it within himself to push further up the wall to an overhang. Then things started to get difficult again, and after trying for a bit, he asked to be let down. But the other children started cheering him on, and with them chanting his name, he figured out how to overcome the obstacle and made it to the top of the wall to ring the bell. Elated with his accomplishment, he came down and immediately wanted to go up again. The next time around he had no problems at all. When he was at the top for the second time, he turned to the group and said with a smile you could see from the ground, and a tone that oozed confidence, “I just love ringing that bell.”

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