Special Delivery: UPS Makes Back to School a Blast

Last week, our friends at UPS brought a special back to school delivery to campus. Thanks to the generosity of their employees, each child in residential treatment at Mount Saint Vincent received packages that contained new school clothes and PJs.

However, it wasn’t just the packages that made the day so memorable. UPS drove a delivery truck onto campus grounds and hand delivered them right to the children’s bedroom doors. They even had the opportunity to use the handheld computer to “sign” for the delivery. For many of our children, this was the first time they had ever received a package. 9-year-old Brian, after noticing his initials on the outside, had to be talked into opening it since just seeing something addressed specifically to him was so meaningful. Once he finally did open it, he took out the folded clothes and refused to try them on. Instead, he set them neatly on a shelf in his room and told our staff, “I want to keep them special.”

After receiving their gifts, UPS gave each child a tour of the delivery truck and the chance to sit in the driver’s seat. They even learned the proper and safe way to enter and exit the truck—a method called the three point procedure.

Needless to say, the day was a hit. Thank you so much UPS for giving our children the opportunity to experience the excitement of receiving a package that’s just for them.

Our children are always in need of new clothing and supplies. If you would like to make a donation, please check out our Wish List or contact Meaghan Peters at mpeters@msvhome.org.

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