In-Home Therapy

in-home therapyTo ensure a safe, healthy, and nurturing home environment for children and their families, Mount Saint Vincent created the in-home therapy program. Therapists and behavior coaches certified in the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics and Therapeutic Crisis Intervention provide specialized care. They create individualized treatment plans for each family by using developmentally appropriate interventions that are strengths-based and solutions-focused.

Therapists and behavior coaches work to stabilize children who are acting out behaviorally or emotionally. They focus on providing a safe, confidential and encouraging environment to help strengthen the inner workings of the family.

To offer the best support possible, the therapists and coaches adopt a nonjudgemental and culturally competent approach. They recognize that the caregiver is the expert. The therapists’ and  coaches’ role is to provide comprehensive and collaborative support by identifying coping skills, strengthening familial communications, initiating safety planning, and providing structure. In addition to addressing problematic behaviors, the coaches also offer positive reinforcement of desirable behaviors.

Because therapy is an active process, we ask that families receiving in-home services be actively involved, honest, open, and committed to the process. This will help ensure that the changes in thoughts, feelings, and behaviors remain in place.

Various hours of services are available, depending on the family’s needs. In most cases, families should expect two to six hours of services per week. However, additional hours may be added temporarily during crisis and challenging times.  24/7 crisis support is also offered through our crisis phone line. The goals of the in-home program are to prevent out-of-home placements and/or support children who are transitioning from foster care or residential treatment.

For more information on Mount Saint Vincent’s in-home therapy program, contact mmaile@msvhome.org or call and leave a message at 303-318-1813.

“Our in-home team has been like glue for us, but glue that is soft and loving and optimistic and joyful. They have been a steady source of comfort and guidance when we needed it so much.” — In-home parent