Music Therapy

Music therapy helps children develop skills such as frustration tolerance, emotional expression and regulation, and social interaction. Mount Saint Vincent’s music therapists work with the children in groups and individually using a variety of musical activities—listening, instrument playing, singing, songwriting, reading lyrics, and physical movement. Because the brain develops in a patterned, repetitive way, many of the music interventions are highly rhythmic. This rhythm can stimulate brain development and regulation, improve body coordination, and help children integrate verbal information.drum

Music therapy provides opportunities for children to:

  • Express thoughts and feelings through songwriting and instrumental improvisation
  • Learn coping skills through songs and music experiences
  • Improve social skills by making music with others and participating in musical tasks
  • Develop motor coordination and brain regulation through rhythmic activities
  • Increase frustration tolerance by learning new skills in a supportive environment
  • Improve learning by chunking important information in an organized way to support memorization and understanding

All music therapy sessions are conducted in a safe, supportive environment.