Planned Giving

Create a Legacy Through Planned Giving

There are many ways you can leave a legacy to sustain the work being done at Mount Saint Vincent, while at the same time providing yourself and your family with significant tax benefits. Planned gifts can offer many advantages to help you to meet your overall financial goals. The following types of gifts qualify you for membership in the Legacy Society:

• Bequest — through a will or living trust
• Beneficiary Designation — life insurance or retirement assets
• Real Estate
• Charitable Remainder Trust
• Charitable Lead Trust

If you have already named Mount Saint Vincent in your will or have made another type of planned gift, we encourage you to let us know so we can formally welcome you to the Sister LaVonne Legacy Society. Your commitment will inspire others to pass on their value through a planned gift. Of course, if you wish your gift to remain anonymous in publications, we will also assure your privacy, but hope that you are able to share this information with us confidentially.

What Is the Sister LaVonne Guidoni Legacy Society?

The Sister LaVonne Guidoni Legacy Society is comprised of a group of dedicated individuals who have named Mount Saint Vincent as one of the beneficiaries in their will. This enables these generous people to continue supporting our agency beyond their lifetimes. Their dedication ensures that the important work being done here continues well into the future. The legacy society also provides Mount Saint Vincent with the opportunity to acknowledge and thank its donors for making this level of charitable commitment.

Sister LaVonne Guidoni

Sister LaVonne GuidoniFeisty. Fun-loving. Unpretentious. Committed. These are words used to describe Sister LaVonne Guidoni, the tireless child advocate for whom our legacy society is named. Described by a classmate as being shy and even reserved, Sister LaVonne found her fundraiser’s voice when she became an advocate for children. She came to Mount Saint Vincent in 1991, eager to increase the funds given to help treat children suffering from the effects of trauma, mental illness, abuse and neglect. And increase them she did. “No one could say no to Sister LaVonne,” recalls coworker Sherry Crawford. It is because of Sister LaVonne’s dedication to better the lives of children everywhere that Mount Saint Vincent named its legacy society after her.

“Sister LaVonne was truly a rare combination of grace, humility and kindness.”  Annabelle Deline
“Of all God’s people, Sister LaVonne thought children deserved nothing but the best.” 
Sister Amy Willcott

Consider Joining

If you have not yet included Mount Saint Vincent in your estate plans and would like more information, or to learn more about the benefits of joining the Sister LaVonne Guidoni Legacy Society, please contact Cindy Liverance at, or by phone at 303-458-7220.

“Caring and dignity align closely with what is important in my career and in my life. Through my years of being involved with Mount Saint Vincent I have witnessed their programs help children with behavioral and emotional needs as a result of severe abuse and neglect. I feel that Mount Saint Vincent’s values match my own. When I recently decided to complete my will, I chose Mount Saint Vincent as a beneficiary because I believe it is important for them to continue their work.”

Cathi, Registered Nurse

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