ReFUND CO: Donating Through Your Colorado Tax Refund

ReFUND CO logoStarting this year, Coloradans can give a portion of their state income tax refund directly to one of more than 7,000 eligible nonprofits–including Mount Saint Vincent!

Through the new Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit program, you can directly support our children with a simple designation on your state income tax return. The Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit program, which takes effect this tax season, is being promoted through an educational campaign called ReFUND CO.

To participate, follow these three easy steps:

  • Look for the “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit” line of your tax software or on Line 19 of your 2019 Voluntary Contributions Schedule
  • Enter “Mount St. Vincent Home” and our registration number 2002 3003 022
  • Indicate the dollar amount of your refund you would like to donate. It’s that simple!

ReFUND CO is a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Association and implemented by the Colorado Department of Revenue and Colorado Secretary of State.

Commonly asked questions include:

  • Will I receive an acknowledgment from Mount Saint Vincent?
    Because taxpayer info is confidential, the Department of Revenue cannot send the names of taxpayers to nonprofits. Therefore, Mount Saint Vincent will not know who has made donations through this program.
  • Will I receive the Colorado Child Care Contribution tax credit?
    Because Mount Saint Vincent will not receive the names of donors through this program, taxpayers would need to submit a copy of their Voluntary Contributions form to us as evidence of a donation.
  • Do I have to donate my entire refund amount?
    No, you may donate as much or as little of your state tax refund as you wish.

For complete information on this exciting new program, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, please visit ReFUND CO.