Residential Treatment Program

children in residential treatmentChildren ages 5 to 12 stay with us in our two residential cottages, with room for 24 children. Most of the children referred to us have experienced trauma, physical or sexual abuse, severe neglect, or are diagnosed with a mental illness.

Staffing around the clock is at a ratio of 1 staff to 4 children during waking hours, with overnight staff awake all night. Each child also has his or her own therapist, under the supervision of the clinical director. The children attend the school on campus. Children are referred to us by county agencies, juvenile courts, school districts, behavioral health organizations, and concerned family members.

Each child is regularly assessed by a psychiatrist throughout their stay. Medications are prescribed if necessary and routinely re-assessed as to effectiveness and necessity. Click here for complete information about our medication management program. Nutritious meals, snacks, and clothing is provided.cottage in our residential treatment program

After school and on weekends, play opportunities include a wide spectrum of activities that are fun, therapeutic, and enriching. Each child has his or her own bicycle, which they can take with them when they leave. The children may participate in creative arts therapies, such as art, music, and dance/movement. Animal-assisted therapies involving horses and dogs have proven highly effective. Sports activities include soccer, basketball, flag football, and swimming.

To see if a child in your care would benefit from our residential program, call our intake coordinator at 303-318-1758.

“Staff are well-versed in the effects of early trauma on developing brains. They never shame or punish the child for behaviors the child is learning to understand and control. They provide families with support in changing their own behaviors and attitudes toward the child so that they can be successful. Staff clearly care about each child.” — Parent of child in residential treatment