Short-Term Stabilization

This program is designed to achieve stabilization in 3 to 10 days through intensive therapeutic services and case management. It serves boys and girls ages 5 to 13 with significant psychiatric or trauma-related symptoms.

The program offers 24/7 supervision to help prevent psychiatric hospitalizations and is also appropriate for children stepping down from a psychiatric hospital or emergency room.

Services include:

• Initial service plan
• Initial psychosocial assessment
• Individual and family therapy
• Medication assessment within 24 hours
• Physical health assessment within 24 hours
• Treatment based on the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics
• Academic instruction
• Discharge summary, including treatment recommendations

The program increases the child’s ability to thrive in a home environment by focusing on the primary symptom preventing healthy relationships.

Daily therapeutic groups may include therapies such as dance/movement, art, music, and animal-assisted, as well as milieu groups focused on skill building, boundaries, and self-esteem. Prior to discharge, we work to ensure that supports are in place for both the child and his or her family.

To make a referral to Mount Saint Vincent’s Short-Term Stabilization Program, or for additional information, call 303-483-8030. Early evening and weekend intake hours are available.