Sister Daniel Stefani K-8 School

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classroomChildren who have experienced trauma or abuse early in their lives often have a very difficult time in school. The trauma or neglect, especially in the first four years of life, can affect brain organization, self-regulation, and impede a child’s ability to understand the way they feel or express what they think.

main hallwayOur educational program is designed for children ages five through 12 who need either day treatment, residential or a school-only program in an on-grounds school. Classrooms can hold up to 12 students with a special education teacher and educational mental health worker in each class. Additional services provided include physical education, Title One math and reading, computers, speech/language therapy, occupational therapy and music, art and movement groups. With this is mind, our school is designed to provide a consistent, well-structured system of education and behavioral management that focuses on a child’s individual skill level, learning style, cognitive ability, and developmental degree of socialization.

An individualized education or learning plan is developed for each child. Academic, behavioral, and treatment goals are cooperatively defined by the teaching staff and clinical teams. In addition, the child is involved with the process and is responsible for his/her goals. We offer services to students year round. Information about classroom activities is available in our school newsletter.

To see if a child in your care could benefit from the individualized instruction and care provided by our school staff, call our intake coordinator at 303-318-1758. To contact Lori McClurg, the school director, call 303-318-1744 or e-mail lmcclurg@msvhome.org.

“The entire team I have worked with at Mount Saint Vincent are very knowledgeable and supportive in every meeting I have attended, and been helpful in developing plans for students. I have appreciated all they have done.” — Out of District School Coordinator