Wellness Policy

Mission Statement

In the spirit of the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, Mount Saint Vincent strengthens the abilities of families and children to emotionally and socially participate in the community, making life better for generations to come. Committed to providing compassionate care, we strive to produce positive, life changing results. We will help families and children experience tangible outcomes so that life becomes better.

Mount Saint Vincent recognizes that health, wellness, safety, and success in life are interrelated.

1. Physical education will be offered during school at a minimum of two times a week.
2. Heights, weights and body mass index will be recorded every two months. Trends will be monitored and interventions will be provided as indicated including education to the child and staff.

Preventing obesity, combating problems associated with poor nutrition and physical inactivity, and promoting health and general well-being.

Mount Saint Vincent will provide meals reviewed by a registered dietician on a quarterly basis to include all food groups including nutritional standards meeting USDA meal pattern requirements and nutritional standards, School Breakfast Program and National School Lunch Program. The chef will use food preparation techniques to provide meals lower in saturated fat, sodium and sugar. They will offer healthy food choices that include lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grain and low fat or nonfat milk. Menus are emailed to staff and posted for review.

Meal periods are scheduled at appropriate times; school does not schedule other activities during meal times. Children are provided a minimum of 10 minutes for breakfast and 20 minutes for lunch after they are seated. Children and staff will have access to fresh drinking water at all times at no charge. Children will have access to hand washing/sanitizing facilities.

Children may bring their own food from home and it will be monitored by staff to ensure the child receives appropriate nutrition. Children are offered hot and cold options at every meal. Dietary restrictions or preferences are accommodated by Mount Saint Vincent. Mount Saint Vincent does not have vending machines.

Nutrition education will be provided by 1:1 instruction, class presentations by the nurse and school and unit staff. Posters will be visibly placed in highly trafficked areas. Students receive nutrition education that is interactive and teaches them the skills they need to adopt healthy eating behaviors. All education programs will be based on approved curriculum. The chef and knowledgeable staff will provide education to staff and children about adequate nutrition, healthy eating practices and review My Plate dietary guidelines.

Mount Saint Vincent will provide a safe facility and equipment and provide physical education at least two times per week for 40 minutes with a credentialed PE teacher. The school has a PE curriculum and it is consistent with state and national standards. Mount Saint Vincent strives for the children to have 60 minutes of daily physical activity. Mount Saint Vincent provides opportunities for the children to have recess daily.

Mount Saint Vincent provides opportunities for residential children to participate in team sports, such as basketball, soccer, and football and cheerleading. The children may also participate in movement/dance therapy and running club.

Mount Saint Vincent will not use food or physical activity as a reward or as punishment.

To aid with staff wellness, Mount Saint Vincent encourages staff participation in health and wellness events, health services and use of psychosocial services such as EAP.

A wellness committee will meet at a minimum of bi-monthly to focus on the holistic approach to health including exercise, nutrition, spirituality and nature. The committee will endeavor to include a cross-section of departments. Students, parents and guardians will be provided opportunities to provide feedback regarding the wellness program and policies. Minutes will be taken and sent to leadership team for review. This policy will be reviewed yearly. A copy of this policy will be given at intake to family/guardians.

The wellness policy will also be posted on the Mount Saint Vincent website. Goals will be reviewed and reevaluated yearly.

Information obtained from: www.teamnutrition.usda.gov/healthy/wellnesspolicy.html
Reviewed by the Wellness Committee 8/2014, 10/2015