Wish List

Please note: At this time, we do not need any children’s books. Thank you.

In-kind gifts or noncash donations help us to focus our funds on the care and treatment of children who have been abused, neglected, or traumatized.

Below are categories of items needed to care for the children. We ask that all donations be new and unused. If you are able to donate any of the items on this wish list, please contact Caleigh Isaacks at 303-458-7220 ext. 253 or email cisaacks@msvhome.org to arrange a drop-off time. Thank you for your support!


Batteries (all sizes)
Sunscreen SPF 50 and above
Gallon-sized ziplock bags
Magic Erasers
MP3 players

Cottage Supplies

AAA, AA, C, and D batteries
Cough drops
Scrap books
Handheld vacuum
Help Yourself Book Shelves (need 3)
Reading Corner carpet
Feelings and Emotions paperbacks
Trash bags
Lycra bands
Sturdy paper plates and cups
Plastic forks and spoons
Sandbox miniatures
Portable sand trays
Aluminum foil and plastic wrap
Dryer sheets
Night lights

Gift Cards


Guinea Pig Supplies

Timothy hay
Food (pellets) – Timothy hay base
Vitamin C drops

School Supplies

Batteries (all sizes)
Target or Walmart gift cards
Post-it notes
Scotch and masking tape
Gum and peppermints

Children’s Needs

Cube puzzles
Yo-yo balls
Playing cards
Spot It game
Dishwasher-safe water bottles
Vibrating reminder watches
Weighted blankets
Weighted vests (sizes S & M)
Training bras

Art and Play Therapy

Acrylic Paint
Tape: masking, scotch, duct
Air dry clay
Decks of playing cards
Yo-yo balls
Plaster cloth
Canvas (board or stretched)
Fabric dye
Ink pads
Kinetic sand
Kinetic foam
Modeling clay
Liquid Chalk markers
Sewing machine (used OK)
Table top record player (used OK)
Electric iron (used OK)
Fan duster
Activity table
Plastic tubs
Chairs for the art therapy room
CD player/stereo with auxilliary input capacity for MP3 player
Spin disk